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Interdisciplinary Artist
Creative Technologist
Art Director

Hi, I’m Branden Collins, an interdisciplinary artist and designer currently living and working in Los Angeles. I started The Young Never Sleep Studio in 2008, as a way to collaborate closely with friends, learn new skills and connect with like minds making interesting innovative work. With our collective knowledge and shared resources, we grew as individuals and fostered new creative communities in the service of shaping the world we wanted to see, using imagination as our tool. 

I now collaborate with these same creatives to bring conceptual thinking, cultural relevance and a systems design approach to brands both large and small. I love working on projects that integrate technology and culture to shape unconventional experiences and imagen new worlds.

In addition contracted work, I’m engaged in a series of ongoing art, research and archiving projects.
Past Clients

IAM Internet
BonTon Atlanta
Cartoon Network
Adult Swim
Impossible Foods
Sight Unseen
Urban Outfitters
Zanzan Eyewear
Print All Over Me
Larissa Hadjio
The Standard Hotel
Wallpaper Projects
La Monda Magazine
Dashboard Co Op

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